I have been practicing yoga in some form for over 10 years, but Yuuki’s sessions stand out as special against all other studios and instructors because of her focus on your personal practice and her own extensive experience. In just weeks, I gained so much more strength, mobility, and flexibility than in all my years of practice before, combined. Yuuki emphasis on proper technique and injury prevention makes me feel very safe while challenging and pushing myself. Because of her attention to my body’s needs, my knee injuries were always protected, and even improved under her instruction. While still leading by example by demonstrating the poses herself, Yuuki still inspires my focus inward to my body and mind’s wellness. I always leave classes feeling powerful and refreshed. Because of Yuuki, my longstanding exercise ‘habit’ of going to yoga classes upgraded to a rewarding personal practice, a part of my life that helps me grow and feel confident on and off the mat. 


Yuuki has knowledge and experience across different disciplines giving her the upper hand when it comes each clients bodies and age and what they are capable of. Having worked intently with Yuuki, I saw my body change for the first time. I have a hard time finding trainers that can balance pushing me hard enough and yet effectively to accommodate for some sport injuries. I loved working with Yuuki because she not only pushed my limits but also made my Pilates sessions interesting. Changing things up constantly and keeping things interesting and introducing new exercises so boredom and routine never entered the picture.

I wish I could instill in myself Yuuki’s discipline with diet and exercise. Maybe through osmosis.